Sunday, November 4, 2007

My mother's daughter

Yesterday, with help from our house-guest and friend Harrison, I rearranged the two common areas in our upstairs apartment (read: the living quarters).

We'd had the bookshelves and two chairs in a room that's really more conducive to couches and coziness, and the couch and comfy chair in a space that's kind of an entrance room. I hatched the plan to switch them a couple weeks ago and finally got around to it yesterday.


As both Steve and Harrison have pointed out, I have completed my transformation and am officially--as if there were every any doubt--my mother's daughter. You might remember from my tales of our painting party how my mother repeated her love for the color of the walls no less than a thousand times. Well, as I sat on the couch yesterday, surveying the rooms post-rearrange, I kept repeating over and over, "I love this, this looks soooo much better." And on and on.

To top it all off, as I was planting bulbs in my front yard today, my friend Micaela told me that since I'd bought a house I turned into a "granny." I suppose she was referring to my gardening, and my tapered sweatpants, pink gardening gloves, giant fleece jacket, and sensible sneakers. And maybe the fact that they all went out last night and I stayed in to knit and catch up on some much needed sleep.

So maybe buying a house does change you but I want to go on the record with this: I was definitely an early-to-bed girl before the house, as well as a knitter, a secret-lover-of-decorating, and my mother's daughter.

Anyway, pictures soon!


Teresa said...

I got the same grief when I became a young homeowner. Several friends mocked me for my newfound interest in mulching and bulb planting. I, too, got the "granny" comments. But, hey, my hostas and daylilies are AWESOME every year, I have learned the joys of digging in the dirt and producing beauty in my own neighborhood, and I even got my husband to start gardening (his homegrown jalapenos are so hot they could make you sweat just by looking at them). See you at Urban Roots, with the rest of the young grannies...

chris m said...

Hi there,
I just happened across your blog and it pretty much sums up the exact situation of my girlfriend and I and our 110 year old money pit - though you seem a little further along in the renovation process. I could definitely relate to 'THE HOLE'.

If you want to check out my blog, see -