Monday, March 26, 2007

Scenes from the painting party, part one

Sara waits for direction on Saturday morning. We began around 10:30 and painted until after nine that night.

Steve's dad came up from the downstate area to help us paint and generally be the dad-figure at the ruckus that was our painting party (ha!). As you can see, he's painting the walls of my writing room a blue-grey. When I took this picture, he had already done the ceiling but you should know that the whole thing was pink: walls, trim, doors, and ceiling. All pink!

This is my helpful brother Joshua. He is a rock n' roller.

Sara again. She's a cutie. By the end of the weekend, she was a pro at cutting in. Here she is in our living room with a bucket of "Aqua Bay." You can't tell from the picture but the wall she's painting is textured. Some time, between 1886 and 2007, someone painted over that velvet, floral wallpaper stuff. We've got patches of that raised design throughout the room--it's very neat.

It was a team effort for sure. In the background: brother Josh and Steve on a ladder. They are painting the room "Pollination," a pukey-yellow-green color that took three coats in the end. In the foreground: Harvey continues on with the "Aqua Bay."

My mother approves our color choice and work (she's standing behind my brother). She said, no less than nine times, a version of the following, "I really like this color." I really like her, and the way she repeats things when she gets excited.

When Mike wasn't rolling "Garden Pot" on our kitchen walls, he was cleaning out the light fixtures and taking apart the ceiling fans. This is why our relationship works so well, my friends. I would never get to shit like that and he sees it and pounces. You go, Mike.

I told my friend Jack to look excited about taping and this is the result. Jack entertained me/eavesdroppers with internet-comic news and the possibility of building a flashlight that could knock a man over from sheer light force. We also discussed the new Tori Amos (concept) album and my accompanying contempt.

My mother told me that my dad was a beast with the painting roller. And that, dear readers, he is. Here he is on Sunday morning doing a second coat of "Garden Pot" in the kitchen. He also cut in and rolled the red entryway (of which I failed to take photographs).

This pictures makes us call our house the "Fun House." We will be filled with bright, bold energy every morning. The orange room, by the way, is Steve's bedroom. The paint is called "Lucky Penny."

Steve's dad needed to head back home but wanted to stop for a "big, expensive" cup of coffee first so I drew him a map of his itinerary. Apparently, while I was on the phone, they all made fun of me for drawing such a nice map. They were jealous of my skillz.

Behold: fresh paint! This photo is a total accident and marks the near-end of our painting party on Sunday morning. It was intense, exhaustive, and successful.

More photos to come!


lsaspacey said...

"Pollination," a pukey-yellow-green color. Why? It doesn't sound like you like it.

lsaspacey said...

Otherwise, everything looks wonderful. What paint company were these colors from? Congrats!

whitney arlene said...

Oh no, I really like Pollination a lot! It just is what it is and I love it...

I'm planning on doing a full run down of the colors and brands but most were Pittsburgh Paints. They have great ideas for color combinations and we definitely took advantage of the suggestions. We also had a few Benjamin Moore swatches.

Jack said...

I was more excited to tape than I ever have been before. I think I was inspired by your near-constant use of the phrase "cut in."

Also, here is the discussion of the dude-throwing flashlight. I couldn't find the subsequent "proof" by a hilariously thoughtful physicist, but I assure you it exists and throwing dudes with light is (theoretically) possible.

Jack said...

...and here's the proof.