Friday, December 12, 2008

Scenes from my kitchen, sunspot edition

I looked at this picture tonight while trying to find another photo on my Flickr stream. Even though I'm enjoying the snow right now, I thought this summer scene in the kitchen was sweet.

Monday, December 8, 2008

News from the home front

Exciting news to report from the home front: we are getting our house weatherized! And I don't just mean the put-plastic-over-the-windows kind of weatherization.

I'll have more details (and technical terms) tomorrow but here's what it is likely to entail: entirely insulating our house from basement to attic, caulking doors and windows, wrapping the basement in plastic, and completing an energy audit (we've had the first part done).

After my mom and brother came over last night and informed me that my apartment is inhumanely freezing, I feel even more excited to get the house insulated. I think our quality of life will go up by 400%. I'll keep you posted.

Oh and also, our tenant moved out of the front house so expect some updates on what we're going to do up there.