Thursday, April 26, 2007

Scene from the kitchen table

A daffodil that our tenant's daughter gave Steve because he is "handsome." Oooooh.

I'll be heading up to Toronto on Saturday with my dear friend Brynn. I suspect that we'll make a stop at IKEA along the way although I'm not sure if she's aware of this plan. Brynn has not yet seen the house in person--only through the blog!--and I'm excited to see her reaction to our color choices and basically everything else. Brynn and I are going to a Knitter's Frolic, by the way. We're nerds like that.

As I was walking into the house a couple of a minutes ago (home for lunch, how cool is that?), I spotted some bright yellow buds on our bushes out front. I've been wondering about them since January, whether they'd flower or be green or what.

Spring will definitely be full of treats.

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casapinka said...

Knitter's Frolic AND Ikea. Way to make a girl jealous!