Friday, June 15, 2007

Scenes from my home office

So a couple weekends ago I put together a bookshelf for my office. It's from IKEA so you can either exclaim, "Ooo, I love IKEA--awesome!" or call me a yuppie behind my back. Or if you're Steve and Micaela, to my face.

Anyway, if you've ever put together furniture from IKEA you know that they include wordless instructions and a crapload of wooden pegs, non-screw screws, and a set of allen keys. The instruction packet also features a happy little man who mimes something like, "Call IKEA if you need help!"

What follows is my photographic evidence of the process--from start to stop, frustration to frustration, bruise to ultimate triumph:

Those damn pegs pissed me off, I thought I would die one or two times when they kept popping out. Instead I hit things and swore.

Sadly, my office doesn't look much cleaner than this now...

Can you feel the chaos evaporating from my life? The cube-shapes are crying, "Order! Cleanliness! Success!"

Of course I picked the hottest day of the week to tackle the project. I was sweating a lot and took breaks to rub ice cubes all over my face.

Battle wound: it grew bigger and is now a nice, faded yellow.

Ooo, getting closer.

I own you, bitch: when I finished I sat on top of the bookshelf so that it would know who's the boss.

Yuppie-ville, here I come! Look at those baskets, those file folders, those boxes--so lovely. Seriously, I'm really happy with how this came out and can't wait to get the rest of the office squared away. Onward!

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courtney said...

Yuppie! ;) IKEA rules.
That is a sexy bookshelf. All that hard work paid off. You pwned it and it pwns that space so it all works out in the end!