Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Is this what happens when you buy a house?

I asked for hedge clippers for my birthday. Seriously.


mitchgib said...

Yes, this IS what happens.
I just got a new roof, and I love it more than I would a diamond ring !


bijou said...

Hey Whit,

I know it's kind of far, but if you're able to come out here right around July 3-5th, I'd have tons of homeowner-y things to pass on to you. I'm going back to the apartment life and I have lots of stuff I'd rather give to you than leave behind when I sell the house...think about it.

AND--Happy Birthday!! Love you!

Paul said...

Ok, you guilted me into leave a comment with the "very, very lonely bit..."

I put a reciprocal link in my blog roll back to ya.

Nice hedge clippers, you can also use them to give hair cuts...

Russ said...

heh... you didn't mention that you got a gift certificate too... to Lowes:)

courtney said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!