Friday, May 11, 2007

My office

So I really haven't been able to use my office yet since I still have boxes upon boxes of shit piled up all over the place. How descriptive of me--boxes of shit.

To be more specific, I've got entire IKEA magazine files full of Tori Amos lyrics I printed out in eighth grade (not to mention magazine covers) as well as the syllabi from almost every course I took in college. I've got cool scraps of paper that I can't wait to use for something and old office supplies from my high school yearbook office that were going to get thrown out--why not reuse, I thought? I am, in short, a ridiculous pack rat that needs a kick in the ass. I'm about 90% positive that this kick in the ass will come from my mother and probably in the form of her coming over to purge for me.

In the mean time, this is sort of what the office looks like:

At least the light is pretty and the color is nice. Whatever--I need help. Seriously.


Russ said...

May I be your devil advocate? Collecting things... for one whom aspires to be a writer, is a must. Your creative soul needs the stimulation of boxes of "shit" to periodically ravage through... only to find an item that may inspire your literary piece... you know like finding an old toy like gumby and pokey!!!

Harrison Watkins said...


i feel you. i just moved out this morning and had to say to myself, "well, i suppose i might not ever re-read the hundreds of copied poems from poetry class two years ago."

oh to be sedentary.

Darlene Crispell said...

Give me a few minutes in there - I'll fix her up!

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

You're not a packrat, you're an archivist.

I'm the same way, I have every scrap of paper ever. It's kind of crazy. Some things you just can't part with - like your own personal handwritten translation of the Illiad. (And by yours I mean mine, which I'll never look at again.) Whatevs, as Colin would say. He's also say, "Sweetie, you have too much crap."

Is this thing really going to tell everyone I deleted a post? Geez...I see a typo as I'm hitting "publish" and now everyone has to know about it.

Michele J said...

The color is fabulous..very peaceful!