Friday, May 11, 2007

The Grandma couch

So the other week I bought a couch at Amvets. According to Steve, lots of thrift stores have the names and numbers of people who will deliver purchases from the store to your home. The man whose name and number I was given is named Myron and he is Hungarian. Myron had a whole row of gold teeth and talked a lot. He was fun.

The couch is pretty and poufy and since it makes you sit up straight, Steve calls it a Grandma couch. Quite nicely, he did not mention that this also means the couch is uncomfortable. No, he waited until I admitted that myself. The exchange, occuring at the moment Steve began eating his dinner, went something like this:

Whitney: Wait, I wanted to talk to you.
Steve, walking towards living room: Hang on...
Whitney, following him: No! Don't eat on the couch--it's uncomfortable!
Steve, turning quickly: See! Ha! It is uncomfortable!

So I guess I bought an uncomfortable couch which now means we must find a super comfortable chair to accompany it. At least it's pretty!


bijou said...

Ah...the age old question...which comes first--the comfort--or the looks? My husband is very adept at picking out extremely comfortable and unattractive chairs. I think that I think that comfort comes first but I don't care--it has to look good too.

bijou said...

PS... your couch is pretty!

Laura said...

pillows....That couch is begging for some comfy stylish pillows.

whitney arlene said...

Julie--thanks! I like it too. I'm so glad you found the blog by the way. Are you at the same email address?

I can't wait for your party this summer, to meet Pierre and all. It's so great and strange to hear you say "husband!"

Laura--pillows for sure!