Friday, May 4, 2007

Faithful readers

I got an email from a faithful reader--okay, it was my Dad--about updating the blog more and yes, I acknowledged my laziness of late. A combination of emotional upheaval, the start of campaign season, a visit from a lovely friend, and nice weather really killed my energy for updates.

However, I'm uploading a big batch of new photos today and plan on spending much of the weekend at home. I vow to blog.


courtney said...

That it was your Dad makes that so totally awesome because... that's how my brain works. Woot.

bijou said...

Hey cuz, my mom forwarded your blog to me...your house is awesome...I'm in the opposite place. My house is on the market and I've got to keep it super clean and decluttered and smelling like I just baked a cake ALL the time. What could I name my blog? "Buy my house--please!"