Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The waiting game

"Roofers wide view" originally uploaded by amiev

Because we're going through NACA, we've got to get estimates done on all the repair work included in our loan application before we can close on the house. As our NACA counselor told us, the bank isn't going to give you a blank check. Fair enough.

So far our strategy has been divide and conquer: Steve is responsible for getting the furnace estimates and I'm handling the roofers. We're tag teaming the home insurance quotes and it's going okay. Actually, it's sometimes a huge pain the ass. And Steve has some telling commentary.

It's sort of difficult at this point to know what to do. Will I regret in three weeks that I didn't start packing up all my shit
last weekend? Or should I wait and take care of it when we have a better sense of our closing date? Is it too early to decide on paint colors or to buy furniture?

It feels like Steve and I are waiting to be shoved in the next direction, and I guess it's kind of been like that throughout the whole process. For instance, we got into a routine while looking at houses--ho hum, la-di-la--and BAM! We found the house. Suddenly we were putting an offer on the house, signing our name to a billion sheets of paper, and writing $500 checks for home inspections.

And it's not that I'm necessarily feeling a lull right now (hey, those estimates don't come from thin air), but I do believe we're doing more waiting than we are doing more doing. There's a giant list in my head--and in emails between me and Steve--of all the shit that needs to get done once we get the keys. But now, we wait? Have heart attacks?

Le sigh.

If I had a superpower right now, it would be the ability to check in with the Future Whitney and see what preparation she thinks would've been helpful. Or maybe I'll just call Steve.

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