Monday, February 12, 2007

I can see how this could kill you

Whitters and I continue on our quest to get quotes from various contractors to replace our furnaces and what not. this process is fairly intense and our strategies for dealing with tasks are in conflict. My strategy is to have heart attack about everything all the time, send Whitney a list of tasks, make lists for myself, lose them, and then call Whitney to remind her of the tasks she might have forgotten since the last time I contacted her. Whitney's strategy is to simply do her best and have faith that everything will come out in the wash. Obviously everything will come out in the wash, but I still need constant reassurance that all tasks are being handled. (I guess my idea of acting like a grown up is ridiculously anal retentive.)

Although I recognize that I'm being crazy, I still feel jilted when I don't get the assurances I need. With the space of being friends its pretty easy to just accept that everything is getting handled and we're buying a house and its gonna go and I should just relax. If I were buying a house with my ladyfriend I think I'd be up late having long conversations about how she didn't understand that I was upset, and that she need to be more responsive to my feelings. I would start putting all the stress of buying a house on our relationship. I would start to view every miscommunication as another sign of our inability to communicate, or worse yet, an attempt to hurt my feelings. Granted, I am a stupid person, but I think that a lot of couples take stressful times as a sign that their relationship is a failure. Watch someone plan a wedding sometime. There are definitely some lessons to be learned here.

I'm pretty sure this is more fun with a friend.
(It'd be more fun with more money too)