Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Looking for ladies with the know how

From time to time I take a look at the Seal Press submissions page to see if any of their upcoming anthologies are a fit for me. I thought I'd highlight this current call seeing that it includes a request for female "home repair" experts (I am not one, sigh).

Want to be a Seal Author?
Here’s your chance. Seal Press is launching a new series and we’re looking for writers who are experts on the following topics:

Car repair
Home repair

We’re looking for women writers who are passionate about these topics. Whether it be your passion, your hobby, or your profession, the main qualifier is that you really know your stuff. We want writers who can translate these subjects in an intelligent, fun, and accessible style. We’ll tell you the details of the series upon seeing your qualifications.

One-page cover letter
detailing why you’re the person to write on this topic
Resume or CV
Previous publishing experience
Anything that you think sets you apart
from other applicants (keep this within reason, please)

Send materials in a word document attachment, in the order listed above, to Brooke Warner at:


Bijou said...
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Bijou said...

Whit, this is so cool. What if you and I put in an application together? 20-something and 30-something female homeowners...(even though I just sold my house)...we could write about how sometimes reading the instructions and having a bit of confidence is enough. I replaced the belt on my dryer and built the railing on my deck (with power tools!). Proud moments.

LizzieB said...

Astonishingly, I have none of these skills. Damn. I do, however, own a cordless drill and can hang a shelf with the best of them.