Friday, September 28, 2007

The hole

Since we moved in, the toilet in the upstairs bathroom was wobbly. Lately, it had gotten to the point where sitting down was dangerous if one wasn't exceedingly gentle and delicate. Not too long ago, Steve called to tell me that finally, the wobble had gotten the best of us: the toilet leaked and the seal around the bottom needed to be replaced.

Here's Steve with the gross, expired wax seal that protects all toilets from leaking.

Now, I've had many moments during which I've been happy to have a friend along for the roller coaster ride of home ownership. The toilet breaking was one such moment, mostly because the sight--but surprisingly, not so much the smell--of the hole above made me want to retch (in case you're wondering, that brown stuff is not poo).

Steve apparently LOVED the challenge of a broken toilet though as well as tormenting me with the grime from the hole:

Anyway, my involvement ended after the above photo was taken but I think that Steve solved the problem by going to Home Depot and buying a toilet fixing kit. Now when I sit on it to do my business, it's nothing but stable and strong. Not unlike a throne.


courtney said...

Adventures in broken toilets!
It'd be right there retching too, man. I think I'm going to buy a house with someone just so I don't have to face the possibility of that happening alone. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Dan said...

Toilet repair, yes, I've been there.

Rebecca said...

Awesome! Now I know who to call if we have toilet problems...