Tuesday, March 6, 2007

An Open Letter to New Era Heating & Cooling Inc.

You probably don't know who I am. My friend Steve has been contacting your staff for the most part, working hard to get you into the home we do not yet own so that you can estimate the cost of work we need done.

Steve tells me that you were something of a pain in the ass, New Era. You rarely returned calls, you were often disorganized, and occasionally you were not nice. But we decided to go with you because your estimate seemed fair and, truth be told, we hadn't heard anything bad about you. Excited that we had finally picked a contractor for this job, Steve and I virtually high-fived over the phone.

Yes, New Era Heating & Cooling Inc, we needed you. And because we were about to throw several thousand dollars your way, I thought you needed us too.

But, as you abruptly told us late last week, you "don't do HUD." My brain was moving a little slow that afternoon so it took me a minute to understand what that meant: you don't wait around for payment from people on programs. All that extra paper work is too much. Fair enough, I guess. I can understand how annoying that could be from your perspective.

One thing though, New Era. When we explained to your staff numerous times that we were using the NACA program, why didn't they tell us then that you "don't do HUD?" Why come out to our house? Why make us bug the shit out of you for two weeks straight? Why waste time?

I guess you just wanted to take us for a ride. And it's our fault for assuming that something lasting could come out of this brief encounter. Maybe next time we'll ask more questions.

Best of luck,

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