Friday, March 16, 2007

Fun facts about us & our home buying adventure

  1. Still haven't closed.
  2. If we close before June 12, I will be 23 and Steve, 24, when we officially become first-time homeowners.
  3. We looked at over 20 homes during our search, including really tiny ones and mansions that could have an entire floor devoted to roller skating. That's the West side for ya.
  4. Closed? Nope, not yet.
  5. We are working with a super agent named Wendy from Realty USA.
  6. Our house will have creative spaces for both Steve and I: his a music studio and mine a writing room. Come see our organ(s)!
  7. I almost backed out of seeing the house we wound up buying because I was busy and didn't think the listing sounded very interesting.
  8. My mom is giving us her old stove and refrigerator.
  9. Our new, tentative closing date is this coming Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday. Maybe never.
  10. The community aspect: we're inspired by these folks. And these folks.


Chuck said...

Creative spaces are sooo important! Good to see you've made that a priority and best of luck with the closing.

Anonymous said...

So my wife and I have been following your blog and we have some questions about Naca. Do you have an email address that I can email you at? Mine is

Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Hello Whitney. This is Mike Wlos. I am not sure if you remember me from high school, but I just came across your blog and thought I would say hello. It's good to see you are alright...and investing back in the Queen City. I recently visited with a friend in Philly who lived with a girl about 2 years back named Natalie. They worked for a nonprofit in Vermont, and she mentioned she worked on a farm with you at one point...random/small world. Anyway, I like the blog...and the enthusiasm for the city. I have been in Denver for about two years now, but I am planning on moving back and purchasing a place. Thanks to people like you, I will now be provided with a lot of helpful information. Hope you are well, and stay safe.

whitney arlene said...

Mike--Of course I remember you. I had forgotten though that you knew my friend Natalie from Hawthorne Valley Farm. She is a sweetheart, how random.

Good to hear you're looking into a home purchase in Buffalo. If you want any help or to just pick my brain some time, let me know. I've definitely learned a lot doing this and continue to learn every day. Do you know where you've looked?