Sunday, February 4, 2007

Stupidest Paint Names Ever

Steve and I looked at paint swatches yesterday in hopes of figuring out what colors to paint our common spaces. He's also put me in charge of picking his room color--something that screams, "I'm hip but not too hip," or "I'm deep and complicated but still accessible." Okay, I just made that up. He probably hates me now. Anyway, this viewing of swatches has prompted the following list of the Stupidest Paint Names Ever:
  1. Misty Morning Dew
  2. Magic Wand
  3. Sassy Lilac
  4. Delicate Bliss
  5. November Foliage
  6. Cicinnatian Hotel Vandersall Red
  7. Dry Leaf
  8. Gentle Doe
  9. Phantom Mist
  10. Ballerina
Runners-up include, "Applesauce Cake," "Distant Valley," and "Peach Everlasting." Now, if you can guess the color family of all ten Stupidest Paint Names Ever, you will win some kind of magnificent prize. Go to it.


Laura said...

I definitely think you should go with the Cincinnatian Hotel color thang. That's just way too obscure to pass up!

Jack said...

11. Old People

whitney arlene said...

Laura: I know, it's so weird. That particular brand seems to specialize in tongue-twister names.

Jack: Oh...and the's crossed. What color do you think that would be? I'm thinking muted yellow?

flotson said...

1. This is the trickiest one--could be either a blue or a green. I'm going with a pale blue.
2. Again, pale blue.
3. Duh.
4. Sadly, this is probably a pink.
5. Tricky. I'll go with a rust/red.
6. Duh.
7. Er, brown.
8. the palest of browns.
9. Again, I'm getting a pale blue here.
10. the sort of pink favored by Degas.

Sara said...

Funny, we just bought "Misty Morning Dew" and I was looking to see if I could find a swatch of it online to show a friend. Flotson, it's not pale, more of a mix between slate and sky blue.