Thursday, February 22, 2007

The sick blog

I seem to have been taken over by a Nondescript Flu-Cold. While getting coffee this morning--free coffee, might I add--I ran into my friend Brendon the Barista and he described to me his own recent illness. The exact same illness I have. When I asked if he sort of felt drunk all the time, he said, "Yeah!" and when he explained that the flu-cold was neither full on flu nor full on cold, I agreed wholeheartedly. Also: it turns out coffee doesn't make me feel better in this instance, only adds to the weird drunk feeling.

I know this is a house blog so my point is that I fulfilled all of Steve's wildest dreams yesterday while having our daily phone check-in: I told him to just tell me what to do. My head's been so foggy that extracting a list of tangible, to-do items from our discussion of glass blocks and insurance quotes was too much. He was super excited and later told me that my flu-cold sounds more like intestinal parasites. Asshole.

In other news, Channel 2 reports that Buffalo has the Best Cost of Living in the country. Pack your bags kids.


burlapwax said...

Seriously, best cost of living in the country. I just got back from D.C., where a studio apartment 40 minutes out from the city was still circa $1000. Ri-gosh-darn-diculous is what it is!

Good to hear about the house, Whit!

Ron said...

Hello from transplanted Buffalonians.

I just found your blog on and the "Buffalonian" category caught my eye. My wife and I are both from the Buffalo area (Tonawanda and Riverside). We are now living in Chattanooga, TN -- transplanted here by my employer.

Good luck with your mysterious illness. I hope you feel better soon.

whitney arlene said...

Ben-- Good to hear from you! Are you planning on staying in Buffalo yourself?

Also, and I know I've said this before, but we should definitely get together. I want to talk about your grad program at UB among other things...

Ron-- Thanks for reading! I was in Charlotte, North Carolina over the weekend and I do have to say that y'all have nice weather down south. And my illness has turned into a nasty cough. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

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